Removal Tips

General Tips to help save you time and money when moving with Cronulla Removals

Keep the number of items to a minimum: Every trip to the truck takes time. Try to have as much packed up and ready to go before the removalists arrive. Tape brooms, mops etc in bundles and leave empty drawers inside dressers.

Dismantle: Beds, cots, swing sets, trampolines, and any other item that is designed to be dismantled for moving, remove mirrors off dressers. Do this before the removalist arrive to save time and money. Keep all screws and bolts in a secure bag for safe keeping, make sure you remember where you put them. Remove unfixed shelves from wall units, entertainment units and desks. Disconnect cable connections between stereos, televisions and videos. Remove the hoses from the washing machine and place inside the bowl. Place the rubbers seals and mesh filters from the hoses inside a plastic bag and place in the bowl. Remove cushions from lounges and put in bags if possible. We are able to arrange any of the above for you, please advise the office when making a booking.


  • Mark on each carton (over the taped area) the room that the box is to go to, this will ensure that the removalist can move boxes in quickly without having to ask each carton is to be placed.
  • Try and use proper ‘moving’ cartons,(they are stronger) this will help your move go smoother, as the removalist can stack the cartons better in the truck, in turn making your items safer and more secure.

Fridges /Freezers: All items should be removed and placed in an esky.

If the fridge / Freezer is going into storage it should be fully defrosted the day before moving.

Outdoor Furniture: Check to ensure that PVC pipes on outdoor furniture does not contain water, remove table legs where possible and stack chairs together.

Pot Plants: Do not water for a few days prior to move. Spray for ants around and under the pot plants the day before moving. Pots with rocks in them please remove and place rocks in a plastic bag.  All care but no responsibility for pots as they may have cracks in them already.

What to Empty: Many large furniture items may need to be tipped on its side, or upside down, wardrobe and desk drawers must be emptied. Chests of drawers need to be emptied. All Furniture with doors should be emptied.

Very Heavy Items: Pianos, pool tables, spas, marble etc, where possible leave these items to the removalist, (inform office before day of moving) they are experienced in moving these items and can do it safely without injury or damage. If you do need to move these items yourself, do not attempt with less than 4 capable persons, always carry slate pool table and marble table tops on their edge, as their own weight unsupported can crack the table top across the middle. When booking in your removal please inform us of these heavy items.  There may be a surcharge.

Dangerous Goods: Such as gas BBQ cylinders, fuel tins, thinners and paints, cannot be transported. They may cause fire or explosion if the vehicle is in an accident. Mowers, lawn trimmers, chainsaws and motorbikes can be moved but must be drained of fuel one week prior to moving. None of the above can be placed in storage.

Computer / Stereo: components, unplug cables, cords, leads, adapters etc and bundle them. If such items remain attached to the equipment they should be taped.

Insurance: All furniture is covered for fire, collision and overturning whilst in the vehicle. Full cover insurance can be arranged through your preferred insurer. You can complete an on-line quote for Domestic Removals and Storage insurance underwritten by Allianz by visiting the following website

Pre-Packing: For a separate fee we can also provide a complete pre-packing and unpacking service.

Packing Tips

Packing your smaller items into boxes designed to be weight capacity efficient and easily stackable will in most cases shorten the time of your move. Using cartons of the same size allows the removalist to build tiers within the load, ensuring the available space in the truck is used most efficiently. Avoid open top cartons as they cannot have anything stacked on top of them.

  • Well packed cartons will help ensure your move is free of breakages.
  • Don’t fill large cartons with books, dinner sets or heavy items as this makes them difficult to carry therefore slowing your move down.
  • Keep breakables to a minimum number in the cartons and mark them clearly eg. Glasswear.