Removal Plan

Start Now

  • Decide if you will pack yourself or have Cronulla Removals do it for you
  • Contact Cronulla Removals  to arrange for a quote
  • Clean out all cupboards of unwanted  items
  • Run down pantry supplies and frozen foods
  • Check that larger furniture will fit into new house

One Month Before Removal

  • Make  list of essential items needed on removal day
  • If packing yourself arrange for packing cartons either privately or through Cronulla Removals
  • Advise school principal of your children’s school conclusion date
  • Enrol your children at their new school

Three Weeks Before Removal

  • If packing yourself commence packing and label each carton
  • Decide whether you require insurance for your goods and contact Cronulla Removals for advise
  • Confirm removal date with your removalist. (sometimes this can be difficult, so a tentative date should be made)

Two Weeks Before Removal

  • Lodge mail redirection form with Australia Post, lodge Electoral Roll transfer
  • Transfer household Insurance
  • Arrange final meter readings for electricity, gas and telephone

One Week Before Removal

  • Cancel local services eg: milk, newspapers and lawn mowing, etc.
  • Pick up dry cleaning, lay-buys, goods being repaired etc.
  • Advise change of address to banks, building societies and insurance companies
  • Seek veterinary advice on moving your pets a long distance
  • Make arrangements for house cleaning after removal
  • Final clean out of cupboards, etc.
  • Dispose of ALL flammable liquids, including pressure pack cans. Please note: By law, removalists are not permitted to carry flammable liquids

Day Prior To Removal

  • Defrost and clean fridge and freezer, switch off night before going to bed
  • Remove fridge magnets, etc, to avoid loss during removal
  • Do not water pot plants until arrival at new address
  • Make sure you have necessary family requirements eg: food, money, clothing,  etc. whilst your goods are in transit

Day of Removal

  • Arrange for pick up of keys if you can not be at the house or storage unit on removal day
  • Ensure that small children are kept occupied so as to avoid injury during removal and secure your pets
  • Take all items that you want to keep with you and put them in your car or place them in the shower recess or bath tub

Final Check

  • Switch off power, gas
  • Check all windows and doors are locked, check all taps are turned off
  • Check the removalist has the correct delivery address and estimated time of your arrival
  • Hand over house keys to relevant person
  • Check that you have keys for your NEW RESIDENCE